Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) can close the gap between traditional talk therapy and a break through.

Feeling “stuck” with a client is something all professional therapists have experienced. No matter how insightful our analysis or how appropriate our engagement can be, sometimes we’re left with the feeling that we are simply spinning our wheels but getting nowhere. Worse yet, our clients are left feeling the same way.

So, what’s the cure for this? While there are undoubtedly many useful strategies to help get the client-therapist relationship out of a rut, we recommend Equine-Assisted Therapy.

Some of the most common reasons for developing that feeling of being stuck are concentrating too much on a client’s feelings and too little on their actual triggers, fear of having their feelings judged or judging their own feelings negatively, and getting too caught up in a client’s conscious verbiage instead of their unconscious responses. While all of us as humans can be susceptible to these pitfalls, horses are not. Horses can help us bridge the gap that can form between the client and therapist and help us move our clients forward in astounding ways.

We encourage and actively seek out relationships with other members of the mental health community. Our goal is to improve the overall mental health of our communities, and only by working with other professionals can we most effectively achieve this goal. If you would like to observe a session or would like to learn more about becoming part of our referral network, please reach out and let’s explore the possibilities.



We have plans to build a world-class facility dedicated to veterans and people in need of equine therapy.


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We provide complimentary care for all veterans through generous donations.