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What is Therapeutic Riding (TR)?

TR uses the movement of the horse to influence a rider’s strength, posture, balance, coordination, motor planning, head and trunk control, speech, sensory integration, socialization, self-esteem and fine and visual motor skills.  A trained riding instructor guides the individuals through a series of exercises in the environment of a horse to enhance their physical and social well-being.  This is all with the intent that the participants will extend these skills outside the equestrian setting into everyday aspects of life, making their daily activities far more rewarding. 

 It has also been shown that the cost of lifelong care can be reduced by two-thirds with early detection and early intervention of ASD, SMDD, and families experiencing challenges .  TR used in early intervention can possibly assist in cutting the long-term costs of most disabilities.

“You are not alone.  The EEF is here to provide you with an alternative therapy to work with you and your child to ensure quality service and support while engaging in equine participation.”